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Panic (パニック, Panikku?) is the Pomander, sourced from Acca and Ura-Acca, chosen by Momoe Sawaki.


Panic is a crocodile-like creature with two seen forms.

In the real world or in relaxed form Panic is akin to a baby crocodile, turquoise and yellow skin with red 'glasses-like' detailing on his face. His Wonder World / mission form is much larger in nature, sharing the same base features with an added blue and white frill around his neck, white and gray hair atop his head, and purple-pink stripe pattern down his back.


It is hard to tell Panic's personality based on the little information about Pomanders. Seemingly like the other three given to the girls, he is very protective over his handler, Momoe. Panic shows his protective nature when Momoe encounters Hyphen, attacking her without a command from his handler.


Panic, like the other Pomanders, can eat Haters with little trouble and aides Momoe on her missions. He seems to be extremely slow on his own, seen so when chasing a group of Haters while Momoe is talking to Kaoru Kurita, only getting mobile when jumping or spinning towards enemies.

His pendant gives Momoe the ability to talk to the other three girls as well as Acca and Ura-Acca.


  • Panic is presumed dead after taking a fatal attack from Hyphen to save Momoe, being the first to show that pomanders have mortality in the Wonder World like the Egg People.
  • Like the other Pomanders Panic is a carnivore, feeding off Haters envy and spite.

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