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Komon Kyoshi (顧問教師, Komon Kyōshi?) is Minami Suzuhara's Wonder Killer.




Episode 2

Komon Kyoshi is first encountered in her human form on the school roof in the Egg World where she confronts Ai Ohto and Minami Suzuhara. She begins scolding Minami for hanging out with a "delinquent" and Minami is very receptive to her words, apologizing profusely and bowing her head. Coach transforms into her monster form, and Ai rushes at her to fight her off with her mace, but Coach punches her and Ai is sent violently flying into a ventilation box, knocking her out. With Ai incapacitated, Coach takes Minami to the school gymnasium with no resistance.

Coach tortures Minami, grabbing her by the throat and hitting her in the face as a form of "tough love". Just before she is about to kill Minami, she notices Ai trying to attack her. Coach easily knocks Ai across the room and into a box of basketballs. Ai quickly rebounds, and tries to attack Coach again. Coach lets off a series of hits, Ai blocks most of them, but the last hit lands and sends her flying into a box of volleyballs. Minami attempts to convince Coach to stop, but Coach throws her across the gymnasium, making her drop her gymnastics ribbon.

Ai runs to pick up the ribbon as Coach chases her. Coach goes to punch Ai, but she manages to pick up the ribbon in time and uses it as a weapon to block the hit. Coach fires a sticky fluid at Ai that blinds her. When Coach goes to finish Ai off, Minami begins to tell Ai where to move. Ai manages to narrowly avoid Coach's attacks thanks to Minami, and she lands on the upper balcony. Coach once again turns her attention to Minami, and she begins to scold her again. Just then, Ai uses the ribbon to latch onto Coach's arm. Coach violently swings Ai around the gymnasium, with the ribbon cutting through a few pillars in the process. Ai holds on, and when her momentum sends her directly at Coach, she readies her weapon. Coach attempts one last punch, but Ai manages to narrowly duck under it. Ai then uses her mace to hit Coach in the chest, defeating her.

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