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Kaoru Kurita (栗田 薫, Kurita Kaoru?) is a character in Wonder Egg Priority. He is a boy hatched from Momoe’s egg.


Kaoru is a young boy with black hair and brown eyes. He wears a baseball cap to hide his long hair. He also wears a jacket that is light blue, white, and pink, the colors of the transgender pride flag. Under his jacket, he wears a white dress shirt that is not buttoned up all the way and an undershirt that is a darker shade of pink.


Having been assigned female at birth and struggling with his gender identity, Kaoru went to his kendo club advisor for advice. However, the teacher forced him down, beat him, and raped him, resulting in him becoming pregnant. This is presumably the reason that Kaoru committed suicide. Momoe fights to protect Kaoru after he emerges from one of her Wonder Eggs.


It is implied that Kaoru is bisexual: although he initially likes Momoe as a "boy", upon learning that she was a girl and it is important for her to be considered as such, Kaoru makes it clear that he is still attracted to Momoe as a female.


Episode 10

Kaoru immediately sees through Momoe’s typical Momotaro bluster — Momoe’s way of presenting herself as a masculine hero to her charges that plays into her physical presentation — and identifies Momoe’s actual name by guessing. He appears confident in his own gender, despite his Wonder Killer's insistence that he is a girl. His bravery leads to Momoe’s own confession: she is a girl and she wants to be recognized as one.

The two characters are completing each others in some ways. After the fight, Kaoru reveals that he fell in love with Momoe, kissing her before disappearing, and asking her to wait for him to come back. The girl blushes and seems confused, although happy.


  • Kaoru’s egg is registered as k5‡(?.
  • Kaoru's introduction is accompanied by symbolism in colour and imagery from the advertisement situated behind him.[1]
    • The colours on the advertisement are light blue, white, and pink. These colours are used together on the transgender pride flag.
    • The advertisement depicts Rubin's vase, a psychological test developed by Edgar Rubin that presents an image that can be perceived as either a vase or a profile image of two people facing each other. Only one image can be perceived at a time.
  • Although the show has never been subtle about his gender identity, Kaoru is still perceived by the show's universe as a "maiden", who existing in a girl-only world. It is not known whether this was caused by an oversight of the creators or Accas simply did not care about the gender identity of the people who entered this world.


  • The name Kaoru means "fragrant" (薫) (kaoru).
  • His surname Kurita means "chestnut" (栗) (kuri) and "rice field" (田) (ta).


  • (To Momoe) “Tall, cool beauties like you are totally my type.”[2]


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